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FoxenWulf was established in May 2021 by Andrew and Rosie:  Andrew; an experienced professional photographer of 15 years with a broad range of expertise in the field, and Rosie; who has a creative eye and the ability to visualise unique photo opportunities, together they aim to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for both you and your four legged family.

FoxenWulf are lovers of all animals, of nature and the wilds. At the core of FoxenWulf we believe in the harnessing of the story or subject in an organic and natural way. We aim to allow the beauty, personality and energy to shine through. We feel privileged to be a part of your day and look forward to the opportunities ahead with you.




The natural world, the changing seasons, the unfurling of a fern fron, the feeling, the sound, the sparkle, the atmosphere, the love reflected in the eyes of a rheumy eyed pet. Rosie finds very little goes unnoticed in her world. She wants to capture the soul of her subjects, the intricate details, the feeling and interconnection of us all.

Rosie has a BA Contemporary applied art to her name but is also a trained nurse. She is a dedicated Foxenwulf photography apprentice and is very excited to be on this journey with Andrew expressing the beauty of the life through a lens.




Capturing the connection, the energy, the personality of the subject is all integral to expressing the story photographically. As an experienced photographer of 15 years, Andrew has been privileged to be a part of the many forms a story can take and have explored many of the different fields in the profession including weddings, portraiture and re-enactments. However, he has now come to develop a speciality in equestrian, live events and pet photography.

Andrew's style is quite organic and quietly unobtrusive (Once being described as a Ninja Monkey!). However, when the subject matter is more individual such as a photoshoot of a cherished pet and its owner a more supportive role is in place offering guidance when wanted. His aim is to create a relaxed environment where you can be yourself and shine!

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Meet the rest of the pack...

As mentioned we're huge animal lovers, and between us we have three dogs, each of them with their own unique qualities and crazy personalities!

Want to find out more about them? Read on...



The Beauty

Knows how to seduce the end bit of a sandwich off your plate with ease. Just look into those long lashed liquid amber eyes and she's got anyone under her paw.

The way to this girls heart is through her stomach, for as long as you have food with you she will stick to you like glue.



The Forever Pup

Move over Peter Pan! This enourmous bundle of fluff wants all the fun, games and attention at ALL times of the day!

He loves his long walks in the country side darting in and out of the tall grass in the summer and chasing snow balls in the winter.



The Day Dreamer

Lola floats about in her happy lala land of Lola, often amusing all with her acts of randomness. A jester without even realising it.

She loves her morning cuddles and stays close while at home, but when let loose out in the wild she becomes adventurous without boundaries!

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We are available in Herefordshire and the nearby counties, for anything further please enquire.
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