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New Beginnings! FoxenWulf is here!

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to our Blog.

This is a new place where we will share content about our current events, portrait shoots, and everything in between.

For our first post, we want to introduce ourselves. So, here are 5 things about each of us that you may or may not know.

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What Rosie has to say..

  1. I have both Art and Nursing qualifications. Nursing is my first vocation and I love my job caring for others. I feel I too will love professional photography as it appeals to the creative side that longs to be built upon. Which leads me to …

  2. I have always loved taking photos and aiming to capture the moment, atmosphere, drama and/or beauty, but the technical side has eluded me - until now (with added bonus of developing Andy's patience!)

  3. I am a sausage dog obsessive. Well all dog … cat... animal obsessive …but sausages are just awesome little divas. Winnie and Lola are my dream a long time dreamt of... although have their nightmarish moments! Quite a few actually... We wont go in to that right now.

  4. In my eyes, I am a crap cook as I'm easily distracted! Dried cooked pasta anyone?

  5. My home and garden is my haven, gardening in particular is my go to therapy. 

What Andrew has to say..

  1. Been a photographer for over 15 years! Before creating FoxenWulf I used to specialise in Weddings and portraits! Although photography with animals has been something I have wanted to focus in on for a long time due to my own interest and love of creatures great and small.

  2. Avid dog lover, I love dogs of all shapes and sizes, usually seen giving the dogs a huge fuss before any work gets done. Jedi my number one boy of 5 years a saviour to me during a tricky time of my life and my best bud.

  3. My spirit animal is the Wolf, and I relate to the characteristics like curiosity, playfulness, ferocity and protectiveness of family and pack allegiance.

  4. From a bit of a Friday Dominoes fan I have now grown to enjoy making pizza by hand and trying out new flavours and toppings of the Mediterranean style. I'll admit, there are times a sneaky naughty takeaway may slip in every now and then!

  5. I enjoy wood crafting in my spare time, although having time to spare is a rarity, I do enjoy making a new project out of nothing into something... however early days and lots to learn... but the enthusiasm is there !

Things you will find on the FoxenWulf blog: 

Tips and tricks for all things photography. This may include DIY styled photoshoots, how to find the best lighting , how to work your camera, posing ideas etc. We don’t know everything nor do we ever claim too, but we are more than happy to share things that we’ve learned along the way. And we welcome your input as we're always learning.

We love to travel and what better way than to share it with all of you. We love nature and look for new places to visit where we can become one with it, naturally our cameras are with us and we love to document our days out and the photos we have taken on our adventures.

We will also post more personal things on here. Where either of us are in life. Exciting things, maybe some hard things, because one day we’ll look back and see that we overcame what we feared!

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That's it, friends!

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading. We would love to hear about YOU in the comments below, or if you can at least relate to any of these. See you all soon in our future posts to come!

Wanna know more about us? Please leave a question below and we shall do a follow up post.