Privacy Policy & Cookies

My Privacy Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how I collect and use the personal information you provide to me and to assist you in making informed decisions when using my site.

Sharing Information with Third Parties
Any information that I hold about you will be used solely by me. I will not sell, use or make available to anyone outside this company any customer information whatsoever. All information will remain confidential.

What Information Do I Collect?
When you visit my Web site you may provide me with two types of information: personal information you knowingly choose to disclose that is collected on an individual basis and Web site use information collected on an aggregate basis as you and others browse my Web site.

Personal Information You Choose to Provide
Registration Information.
You will provide me information about yourself when you create an account on this web site or register for email newsletters and alerts.
Email Information.
If you choose to correspond with me through email, I may retain the content of your email messages together with your email address and my responses.
Web Site Use Information.
Similar to other commercial Web sites, my Web site utilizes a standard technology called “cookies” (see explanation below, “What Are Cookies?”) and Web server logs to collect information about how my Web site is used. Information gathered through cookies and Web server logs may include the date and time of visits, the pages viewed and time spent at my Web site.

How Do I Use the Information That You Provide to Me?
Broadly speaking, I use personal information for purposes of administering and maintaining my business activities, providing customer service and making available other products and services to my customers and prospective customers. Occasionally, I may also use the information I collect to notify you about important changes to my Web site, new services and special offers I think you will find valuable. You may notify me at any time if you do not wish to receive these offers by emailing me at [email protected]

What Are Cookies?
A cookie is a very small text document, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier. When you visit a Web site, that site’s computer asks your computer for permission to store this file in a part of your hard drive specifically designated for cookies. Each Web site can send its own cookie to your browser if your browser’s preferences allow it, but (to protect your privacy) your browser only permits a Web site to access the cookies it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other sites.

How Do I Use Information I Collect from Cookies?
As you shop on my Web site, the site uses its cookies to differentiate you from other shoppers so your shopping cart is only available to you. In some cases, I also use cookies to prevent you from seeing unnecessary advertisements or to prevent you having to log in more than is necessary for security. Cookies, in conjunction with my Web server’s log files, allow me to calculate the aggregate number of people visiting my Web site and which parts of the site are most popular. This helps me gather feedback in order to constantly improve my Web site and better serve my customers. Cookies do not allow me to gather any personal information about you and I do not generally store any personal information that you provided to me in your cookies.

Notice of New Services and Changes
Occasionally, I may also use the information I collect to notify you about important changes to my Web site, new services and special offers I think you will find valuable. As my customer, you will be given the opportunity to notify me of your desire not to receive these offers by sending me an email request to [email protected]

Image © Copyright Notice

Copyright Disclaimer

No images by Andy Sallis / Rosie Allen / FoxenWulf Photography or from website may be resold, reproduced or transmitted or re-distributed in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without the express written, dated and signed permission from the authors and ©copyright owners (Andy Sallis & Rosie Allen).

  • All Rights Reserved
  • Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright.

Please contact Andy Sallis or Rosie Allen to enquire about use of any images created and / or owned by Andy Sallis / Rosie Allen / FoxenWulf Photography / website.

The quickest way to contact me is using the form below.

Further information is available on the Contact Page of this website.

Digital Image Licensing

Photo Downloads may be included as part of the initial service contract or purchased from FoxenWulf Photography online store. FoxenWulf Photography grants buyer a non-exclusive, non-transferable perpetual personal-use license to download and copy the accompanying image(s) subject to the following restrictions: This license is for personal use only. Personal use means non-commercial use of the Media. Title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the Media remain exclusively with the photography studio. There are no warranties, express or implied. The Media are provided ‘as is.’

Neither FoxenWulf Photography nor FoxenWulf Photography’s vendors will be liable for any third party claims or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this license or buyer’s use of the Media.

What you can do:
Personal, Non-Commercial use of the Media includes:

  • Display on personal websites and computers.
  • Making image prints for personal use.
  • Share on Social Media – Credit must be given to FoxenWulf Photography linked to the relevant social media hub, or by default linked to

What you may not do:
Buyer may not:

  • Resell, relicense, sub-license, redistribute without express written permission from the photography studio.
  • Use the media in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. Use The Media in advertising.
  • Use The Media in a pornographic, obscene, illegal, immoral, libellous or defamatory manner.
  • Incorporate The Media into trademarks, logos, or service marks.
  • Make available for download.

Digital Media is non-refundable.

FoxenWulf Photography retains all rights, license, copyright, title and ownership of the Media.

Photo Booth Terms

The Provider: FoxenWulf Photography

The Customer: The person booking a Photo booth for their event.

The following contract and its terms will set an agreement between the provider and the customer for the hire of the photo booth.
This written contract sets forth the full, written intention of both parties and supersedes all other written and/or oral agreements between the parties.

Hire Period
Provider agrees to have a photo booth operational for a minimum of 80% during the hire period; operations may need to be interrupted for maintenance of the photo booth.
The price quoted on our website and advertising assumes that the hire period finishes by midnight at the latest. We are happy to work beyond midnight but impose a supplementary charge of £50 per hour or part thereof, post-midnight.

A 10% deposit is required at the time of booking a photo booth, the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event.
If the Customer uses the equipment for a time period in excess of the service period agreed, the additional rental time will be billed to the customer at the following rates: £100 per hour or part thereof. This rises to £150 per hour or part thereof if the extension time goes beyond midnight.
Payment for any additional hire time must be paid before the additional hours are provided.

Access, Space & Power Supply
The Customer will arrange for an appropriate space for the photo booth at event’s venue. (8ft x 5ft wide x 7ft high).
The Customer is responsible for providing power for the photo booth.
The Customer will agree with The Provider a time for the agreed operational hire period to begin, and this will be agreed and confirmed in writing to The Provider by email AT LEAST 48 hours prior to the date of the event.
The Customer will arrange for The Provider to have access to the set up site of the photo booth at least 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to the agreed time for start of operational hire and the set up site will be cleared ready for assembly to begin in a safe manner.
If The Provider is unable to gain access in this timeframe due to an over run by the venue, or by lack of communication between the venue and the customer, this will eat into the agreed operational hire time and will result in the operational hire time being shortened accordingly.
If The Provider cause the operational hire time to be delayed for any reason, they will honour the agreed operational hire period and work later to ensure the full hire time is completed before they perform the photo booth shutdown procedure.

Date Changes & Cancellations
Any request for a date change must be made in writing at least thirty days in advance of the original event date. Change is subject to photo booth availability and receipt of a new booking contract. If there is no availability for the alternate date, the deposit shall be forfeited and event cancelled. Any cancellation will forfeit any deposit payment made.
In the event that the Customer cancels the event without prior request to The Provider, the customer agrees that they are liable for the full payment of the invoice.
Your deposit is non-refundable however we will move your hire date if required.
Your final payment is non-refundable unless The Provider do not provide a photo booth hire for you.

Damage to Provider’s Equipment & Staff Safety
The Customer acknowledges that they shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Provider’s Equipment caused by any misuse of the Provider’s Equipment by the Customer or it’s guests.
If at any time Customer or guests behave in a manner that The Provider deem to be threatening or dangerous towards themselves or the Provider’s Equipment they have the right to cease the hire with immediate effect and remove the Provider’s Equipment.

The Customer agrees to, and understands the following:
a) The Customer will indemnify provider against any and all liability related to Customer’s event during or after Customer’s event. Customer will indemnify Provider from the time of service and on into the future, against any liability associated with Customer.
b) The Customer will indemnify provider against any and all liability associated with the use of pictures taken within the photo booth, its representatives, employees or affiliates at Customer’s event.
c) The video messaging, Facebook upload and props are an addition to the photo booth hire and if for any reason the additions are not working or unavailable the customer is only entitled to a refund of the amount paid per addition and accepts this. If the additions are provided free of charge as part of a special offer, there is no refund in this situation.
d) In the unlikely event of your digital images being corrupt, lost or stolen the Provider will compensate up to the total value of £100.

The Customer agrees to, and understands the following:
All guests using the photo booth hereby give to the Provider the right and permission to copyright and use, photographic portraits or pictures of any photo booth user who may be included intact or in part, made through any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose. In addition, I hereby release, discharge and agree to save harmless The Provider, from any liability, that may occur or be produced in the taking of said picture or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as any publication thereof, including without limitation any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

Miscellaneous Terms
If any provision of these terms shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable under Contract Law, then that provision, or portion thereof, shall be deemed separate from the rest of this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions, or portions thereof. This is the entire agreement between Provider and Customer relating to the subject matter herein and shall not be modified except in writing, signed by both parties. In the event of a conflict between parties, Customer agrees to solve any arguments via arbitration. In the event Provider is unable to supply a working photo booth for at least 80% of the Service Period, Customer shall be refunded a prorated amount based on the amount of service received. If the printer fails to print out photos on site the Provider will be allowed to give a web site to the customer where their guests can log onto and order prints free of charge with free postage to the amount of prints specified for the service.

If no service is received, the Provider’s maximum liability will be the return of all payments received from Customer.

Provider is not responsible for any consequential damages or lost opportunities upon breach of this agreement.